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Producer On The Rise With Hot Tracks.


Walter Petitt, Cummings


     Walter Petitt was born in Abilene Texas into a musically inclined family and developed a love for music and playing drums at an early age; around 6 years old.

     His dad moved the family to Austin Texas in the mid 80's where he developed a deeper love for music which was nurtured from hanging around cover show bands like, Karizma, Trix-Track, The Business and many more. He was a roadie and setup equipment on stages for Karizma in his days as a youth. At the age of 14 he co-founded his own band along with friend Michael Winn and other friends from Reagan High School called "The Omunique Band"

     He moved back to Abilene Texas and joined a gospel quartet group called "The Voices Of Heaven" which appeared on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show. The Voices of Heaven dismembered and later formed as "The Divine Gospel Singers" where they recorded & toured all over. As a husband and father He supported his family by repairing electronics, but had a desire to pursue the music business. When Walter's cousin, Rodney Brooks loaned him his equipment he opened a studio in a shack and starting producing music under the name Platinum Track Productions. 

     He first recorded Jamie Merrill a.k.a (Jai-Mike) a young solo male artist, singer/songwriter and producer. He took Jai-Mike to Big Tyme Recordz, the original record label of UGK, DJ Screw & Inmate Records in Houston Texas to record on there album release, "Gulf Coast Compilation/ Pimpin' A Hustle" featuring Jamie's track "Flip The Switch", & other artist's like 20-2-Life, Smooth Execution and Lil' Keke, just to name a few.

     He later formed a ladies group called "All That" which turned into Faze 360 a couple years later. Faze recorded songs, auditioned for Motown, won talent shows, and sung backup vocals in the studio for Lyn Collins (R.I.P) who originally penned the song "Think (About It)" which was covered by the rapper Patra in the 1990's, she was also a backup singer for The God Father of Soul "James Brown".

     After moderate success he moved his studio, Top Quality Recording, downtown where he started a record label named "Spice Flava Recordz (SFR)". He recorded and produced allot of talented artist from Gospel to Rap before signing Southern Saucy, two brothers from Louisiana by way of Ft. Worth Texas to his label. They released 2 albums over a couple of years which featured artist like Lil' Keke, Slim-Thug, ESG, Marcus Jones (who co-wrote track 9 "It's All About You" on IDEAL's album), Douglas Sims and various artist.

     Walter Petitt promoted concerts with artist like Ginuwine, K-CI & JoJo, IDEAL, Donnell Jones, Slim Thug, Comedian Red (featured on BET), Lil' Flip, The Gospel Stars, Faithful Gospel Singer (from Better Believe Productions) and The Virginia Aires just to name a few.

     He moved his family to Austin Texas to pursue career opportunities. He wanted to get into the music scene in Austin, but decided to take a break. His family gave there life's to God and are trying everyday to live a Christian life.

     His gift for music comes from God and was nurtured by his family. Walter H. Cummings (grandfather,"R.I.P"), Walter L. Cummings (father,"R.I.P"), Camilla K. Cummings (aunt, "R.I.P"), Jack Cummings (uncle) and Billy Cummings (uncle).  He get's inspired when he's told stories about his grandfather playing with Count Bassie, Cab Calloway and other big band musician. His grandfather started it all and he say's he will Pass it on to to his son.

Michael Winn


    Michael was born in Austin Texas into a musically inclined family and developed a love for music and playing bass guitar at an early age.

     The Winn family of Austin Texas are talented musicians who added major influences to the "Live Music Capital of the World" music scene. His love for music was also nurtured by hanging around cover show bands like; Karizma, Trix-Track, The Business and many others. As a youth he was a roadie at times and setup equipment on stages for Karizma; a local popular cover show band.  At the age of 15 he co-founded "The Omunique" Band with his friend and producing partner Walter Petitt-Cummings. 

     Coming into adulthood he joined a local R&B band called Sixx AM which consisted of family members Salih Williams and his brothers. If you've heard of Salih Williams you know that he formed Carnival beats and has produced music for major artist such as; Mike Jones, Pimp-C, Bun-B, Big Moe and others. Over the years Mike has added arsenal to his musical talents; producing, song writing, composing and piano. In the 90's he had the opportunity to produce music for En-Vogue but due to unforeseen reasons it never evolved.

     In 2011 he hooked back up with a long time friend Walter Petitt-Cummings of Platinum Track Productions. Platinum Track Productions offered him a deal which gave him the opportunity to get back in the studio. Look out for Mike in the futrue.



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